Lucas Acuna

Lead Videographer & Editor

My vision for Full Focus, is to tell any person's story through video, while still conveying both a creative and lively perspective. My passion for people and the importance of what they have to say, is what makes me strive for excellence. I am constantly challenging myself and refining my techniques, in order to create the best possible story for others to hear. My love for travel and adventure has served as the foundation for which my passion for film was discovered.

Josh Ly

Lead Developer

I met Lucas my freshman year in college and we soon became good friends. Two years down the road, I heard that Lucas had started his own videography company. After noticing that he had gained a strong following, Lucas reached out to me to talk about further expanding his online media presence. Many hours and a webpage later, I found myself fully invested in the company, and can't wait to see what's next.

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